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Sustainable Resin-Bound Surfaces for Domestic Driveways

Find out why resin-bound surfaces from Newlife Drives and Paths are the right choice for domestic driveways and a variety of other applications in the Bradford, West Yorkshire, area. Resin offers a superb alternative to:

• Block Paving
• Asphalt
• Concrete

• Stone Slabs 
• Other Hard Surfaces

Benefits of a Resin Driveway

Discover why you should choose a resin driveway over block-paving, concrete, or tarmac. Resin driveways are 100% porous with no puddles. Plus, no planning permission is needed, since it complies with all requirements. Other benefits include:

• Visually Stunning
• Durable & Super Hard-Wearing
• No Messy Site Excavations

• Naturally Drains Water
• Weed Resistant
• Low Maintenance

• Anti-Slip Finish
• Better Traction for Cars & Pedestrians
• 10x More Eco-Friendly Than Concrete


Durable Construction

We only use good-quality, stable Adbruf™ resin with correctly blended aggregates. This gives you an excellent attractive look of gravel but without the loose stones, and the finished product is both durable and very strong.

Slip-Free Surface

Aggregates are bonded with the resin to give a fantastic non-slip surface that is tough, durable, and weed-free. Resin can be applied to concrete, tarmac, decking, or metal for use on driveways, paths, patios, car parks, and pool surrounds. Because of the non-slip benefits, they are also suitable for disabled ramps. This virtually maintenance-free, tough, hardwearing resin with the beauty of natural stone truly enhances your home.


All resin-bound surfaces are fully Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)-compliant because they are fully porous. This means resin-bound surfaces do not require planning consent, unlike block paving and stamped concrete. Being a fully porous system means no more puddles, no standing water to aid moss and weed growth, and — probably most importantly — all water drains through the resin-bound system, back into the water table instead of running onto our highways and causing flooding.

Contact us to find out more about resin driveways and paths installed by our driveway builders.


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